Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the OVNAVHDA?
Click on the Ottawa Valley NAVHDA Membership (PDF). Complete the form and send it to the treasurer.

What does the membership include?
Membership includes discounted member rates at our training sessions. You will receive several editions of our Newsletter annually.

Am I automatically a member of NAVHDA International when I join the Ottawa Valley Chapter?
No. To join NAVHDA International, go to their web site ( Membership benefits are outlined there. Go to the NAVHDA Store to see the different membership packages that are available.

What types of events are held annually?
The Ottawa Valley NAVHDA Chapter holds monthly field training sessions (except for September, October and December). In the winter months, we meet indoors to focus on obedience as it relates to field work. In August, we run a NAVHDA test.

How often are the field training days?
The field training days are held monthly beginning in late April or early May and wrap up in late November, except for hunting season during September and October.

How old does my dog have to be to participate?
Dogs and puppies of all ages are welcome to participate in the field training. Exercises are geared towards individual dogs in keeping with the topic of the sessions.

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